Get to know your .NET streamers

Let's look at the great streams from the .NET community.

Dave Brock
Dave Brock

I’ve been geeking out on a lot of Twitch streams lately. I think it’s a fantastic way to learn and engage with other folks. I find I’ll learn more by watching someone code in a natural environment and asking questions as you go. And with most streams getting archived, you can consume them as they fit your schedule.

I keep track of a few, but knowing I was missing some folks I sent out a tweet:

As a result of my responses, I thought I’d keep a collection of awesome .NET streams for everyone to reference. If I left out your favorite stream, it wasn’t intentional—please respond to the tweet or leave a comment below to get added to the list. I just ask that you suggest streams that are somewhat active (every few months or so).

The Live Coders

For a good first stop, hit up The Live Coders, a group of tech streamers across all platforms (not just .NET). You can browse the members page for folks tagged with .NET categories (or learn more about non-.NET tech).

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