Hi, I'm Dave

First of all, thanks for reading. I’m happy you’ve landed on my site and even happier you want to know a little more about me.

I’m a senior software engineer, writer, occasional speaker, and valued community member. I focus on C#, .NET, and Azure. I work in the insurance/financial services industry, helping development teams at my company work with Azure.

My community work has earned me the Microsoft MVP award. I don’t consider myself a high and mighty expert in anything, but someone who never stops learning and is passionate about sharing it.

My community work centers around the following:

  • Regular posts on this site (daveabrock.com)
  • A weekly .NET newsletter, The .NET Stacks, where I write about trends, interview community leaders and show off what’s new
  • Contributions to the ASP.NET Core docs, like this one and to other projects both big and small
  • A few talks on various subjects, like C# and ASP.NET Core
  • Technical reviewer for a book or two
  • General Twitter tomfoolery

Please reach out! I would love to hear from you. Twitter is usually the best way—my DMs are open, even if you don’t follow me.

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