Saying goodbye to The .NET Stacks

In this post, I'm writing a quick note to say I'm ending The .NET Stacks.

Dave Brock
Dave Brock

I wanted to write a quick note to let everyone know that I will no longer be producing The .NET Stacks. This does not mean I'll be going away or leaving the wonderful .NET community—it just means I'll be producing content in other ways.

I wouldn't call the newsletter a smashing success by any means, but was thrilled that something I started while bored during a pandemic grew to a few thousand readers every week on various mediums (whether over e-mail,, or I'm grateful to all of you for reading and being so supportive—and if it helped you, I'm even happier. It's been a lot of fun and I've even "met" quite a few friends along the way, even if we've never physically met.

I initially set out to produce something more substantive and not a weekly thing where I send out links every week, as I felt there wasn't a lot of that out there. I wanted to write about trends and topics, and interview folks, and provide a little more context. I quickly realized why there wasn't a lot of that out there: it's so much work to do that on a weekly basis, week in, week out.

With a busy personal life, I'm passionate about community work but with limited time. I did a lot of work to automate things as I could, but The .NET Stacks doesn't leave time for any other community work or projects that I'm passionate about. To me, I could either slim down the newsletter and its quality and make it easier to manage, or focus work in other areas. I've chosen the latter.

It's hard to believe I've produced 70 weekly issues over 18 months, and have used the newsletter to ramble about .NET to the tune of about 104,000 words. Thanks to you all: thanks for reading every week, and thanks for those of you who have emailed me nice words or to ask if I've lost my marbles—both valid, by the way—and thanks for listening. I hope you'll continue to keep up with me at Talk to you soon and keep in touch.

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